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  • One of our immigration attorneys was able to secure prosecutorial discretion, a form of immigration relief that was very difficult to obtain (and is sadly no longer a viable form of relief), for a client. The client was in danger of being separated from her child, who suffers from multiple medical conditions requiring constant treatment and care. As a result of the attorney's significant time and effort in compiling evidence and presenting the case, the client will not be forced to leave her child.

  • Juana heard about FIRN from a friend, she didn't have any transportation and walked to our office in the middle of winter. When she called to say she didn't know if she could walk the rest of the way, one of our counselors came to pick her up. FIRN helped her apply for food from the food pantry. We sent a couple of e-mails, made phone calls, and by the end of the week we provide a bed, coats, food, shoes, and a job for her. Her son is going to school and learning English, and Juana's employer consistently calls to tell us what a great employee she is and how his customers love the job she does. Today, Juana is in the process of filing for a fee waiver to get legal representation for her next court date.
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